Coaching Bio

Patricia is a Holistic Health and Style Coach. She studied Integrative Nutrition with Joshua Rosenthal at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and graduated from The Four Winds Society where she studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the leading scholar of Neo-Shamanism and Marcela Lobos. An experienced entrepreneur, educator and real estate agent, Patricia earned a Bachelor's in Education at "Les Dames de Marie" in Brussels. She earned her Real Estate License in New Jersey where she specialized in Destination Services and Relocation. When she isn't helping women be their best selves, she enjoys Salsa dancing, Zumba, Water Biking and being with the ocean. 

My Story

I’m Patricia- a Mom, Grandmother, Educator and Holistic Health Coach for women going through life transitions.

I believe in respect, love and personal growth, and that everyone deserves to live a purposeful, balanced life. Growing into beauty and grace through hard life challenges has revealed my calling to help other strong women through their own transitions. I share who I am, to help you blossom into your fullest self.

I will help you to reclaim your power, your identity, to transform old fears and limitations into luminous and vibrant energy.

Growing up in Belgium I was raised on natural, alternative medicine, organic food and a spiritual approach to life. But nothing from my past prepared me for life in America. Arriving in 2000, I barely understood or spoke any English. Facing a new culture, new customs, a new language, at times I felt foolish, silly and totally inadequate. I had to adapt, and adapt quickly I did.

Years later, facing emptiness as my three sons left for University and a separation that ended in divorce, I felt as if a tsunami had blown down everything I had ever known in the blink of an eye. There was nothing left and I had to start from scratch. I was no longer a European, a Mom or a spouse the way I used to be; that was gone forever, and I faced utter uncertainty. The turmoil forced me out of my comfort zone and taught me to release old limiting belief systems. 

Channeling my inner power, I developed new strengths and friendships, and found more adventure than I had ever dared to dream!

Through my transitions, I reconnected with my love for dance, for physical motion, for fashion and elegance, and began to find my own recipe for inner and outer balance.

Dancing freed my soul and was my best therapy. Dancing is an expression of who we are and who we want to be. Movement morphs tensions and restrictions into liberation, and expansion. It is a beautiful way to balance our mind, body and soul. Finding style that matches our true essence makes us feel elegant, graceful and successful. Even the food we eat, changes how we feel. On my path I saw how these modalities were connected and used them to grow. Seeing how the food I ate influenced my experience and perceptions, catalyzed my journey to becoming a Health Coach. And connecting body, mind and soul I studied Shamanism.

My path has yielded insights and led me to tools, teachers and trainings that now allow me to offer my guidance to others going through transitions in their lives, and help them emerge transformed, joyous, whole and healthy on the other side.

I will help you unlock your own healing energy within, while holding you accountable for the changes you want to manifest in your life. Working toward personal transformation on multiple levels, we will explore synchronicity and develop a roadmap for more balance and flow in your life. Together, we will transform small changes into lasting behaviors that continue to support your well-being beyond our time together.