Terry R.,
Business Consultant

I went to Patricia with a profound sense of curiosity about Shamanic Energy Work, motivated to unravel some issues and circumstances bothering me. She began with an Illumination, which is a guided cleaning of the energy fields (Chakras). Just as the body can accumulate soil and dirt, the energy fields can accumulate static or dead energy. This made perfect sense to me as she guided me through my own inner journey. I immediately began to feel revitalized and clear. 

Patricia has a gift for demystifying the Shamanic Energy process. It felt natural, peaceful and grounding. I cleared some of the issues that had bothered me, and felt reunited with my energy and visions for myself. I encourage anyone with self-curiosity, a feeling of imbalance, or just a sense of stress in their lives to meet with her discover these ancient and yet modern tools she so expertly provides for real benefits.  

Ishita S.,
Meditation Consultant

My remote session with Patricia was absolutely delightful and she displayed a fine intuitive feel for energy work. As I fell into a deep meditation, Patricia drew out important themes in my life, tapping into higher guidance to give me courage and wisdom to aid my journey ahead, fully aligned with my own inner knowing. It was a pleasure to experience her process, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for more clarity within. She provides a great service!

Catherine F.,
Summerville, SC

Last year I needed help with my concern over pre-menopausal aging! I met Patricia for an initial consultation and we did a complete "Health History." Wow was it personal and thorough! This was balanced by Patricia's warm demeanor and encouraging enthusiasm for me to go into greater detail. I immediately felt empathy and trust and was ale to share things I never shared with anyone else before. 

Patricia, thank you so much for being such a great listener, and guiding me through my own thoughts and beliefs about aging, from a new perspective. You also opened my eyes to approach a new chapter of Health in my life. I realized I was the one responsible for understanding my body, working with it and taking control. I learned new tools and habits that would allow me to set goals and meet them. You changed my way of thinking on how to live life over '50' with a smile!

Greg W., Engineer

I am lucky to have had two amazing healing sessions with Patricia that were a couple of months apart. She truly has special gifts when it comes to identifying where energy problems are, releasing them and providing insights into their root causes. On both occasions I came to her because I was stressed, my lower back was bothering me, was lacking motivation and was having trouble sleeping.

Each session with Patricia left me feeling relaxed, cleansed, motivated and with relief in my lower back. I don't know how Patricia did it but I surprisingly felt much better and slept much better after the sessions. I highly recommend you have a healing session with Patricia. You will be very pleasantly surprised by the benefits and how good you feel afterwards. Thanks again Patricia, I hope to see you again in the near future.

Frederique D., Psychiatrist

I have known Patricia for a few years now and have seen her master her strong psychic abilities. I underwent two Shamanic sessions with her, both were quite interesting and had long term repercussions. She was with me all along and in tune with my experience. It was great to be able to dialogue with her while experiencing new insights and be on the same wave length. Patricia is very empathic and caring.